About Us

Enterprise IT for Your Business

We'll take care of your IT while you take care of your business.

SynthDev was founded in 2010 by Bill Minahan and Daniel Aden, both Enterprise Systems Engineers. The original vision of the company was to bring a new virtual data storage and replication technology to market. While working with customers to integrate this system into existing environments, a need was identified in the industry. It was quickly discovered that many small, medium, and even large organizations were operating without access to sufficient IT skillsets. SynthDev has transitioned it's core business to fill that gap for it's customers.

SynthDev has assisted start-ups to fortune 500 companies improve thier IT systems and practices. We are also well experienced in local and federal government operations and are clearanced to work within Homeland and Defense sectors if your needs require.

Primary Areas of Operation

Memphis TN, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, North West AR
SynthDev has helped customers in most US states and on three continents. Our people will travel to wherever needed.

Datacenter Locations

Current: Memphis TN, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA
Future: North West AR